Alain Lenain – Wimereux

On a bike or on foot !
Happily retired and married to a charming English lady, Alain has decided to see the world in a different way. His previous work took him to numerous Countries, but, in those days, he was subjected to the “Work- Eat- Sleep” routine. He says, with great regret, that he never had time to discover the local culture wherever he found himself.

Our greeter who lives in Wimereux, now spends a good deal of time travelling like an adventurer, invariably in the company of his faithful steed, his bicycle. If you want to discover the area by bicycle, look no further. With Alain, you will not only discover the beauty spots of the Boulonnais and the Côte d’Opale, but you will also have the opportunity to visit local farms, producers of tasty food and drink.

On foot, you can benefit from his inexhaustible knowledge of the history and architecture of Wimereux. Following a tour with him, you will see this interesting coastal resort in a totally different fashion !

It was an obvious choice for Alain to become one of our Greeters. He loves his area and takes great pleasure in sharing this passion, always somewhat off the beaten track, in English as well as in French. At home, English is the language spoken with his wife, Fran.

Secteur Boulonnais