Bruno Delannoy – Aire sur la Lys

Aire-sur-la-Lys: Bruno, a philosopher in the countryside

This press correspondent is indefatigable and the human connection is instantaneous. « Always meet people. That’s pretty much my philosophy ». It’s a question of curiosity…45 years of associative action forges your character. Bruno Delannoy, who is an incorrigible chatterbox, has been committed to serving others since his teenage years. Sports clubs, local fetes; this young man never sits still. He might well have been programmed to become a shopkeeper in his native village of Racquinghem but he settled in Aire-sur-la-Lys, in the middle of the former main thoroughfare that connected Calais to Arras. « I’m sort of a great traveller across the Pays d’Aire », the rascal smiles. So it was that Bruno couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become a Greeter and indulge his passion for explaining things and helping others to discover what he calls the “Belle du Pas de Calais”, a beautiful stretch between Flanders and Artois.

This little town of ten thousand or so inhabitants is rich in heritage and cultural treasures; the listed collegiate church of Saint-Pierre, a UNESCO bell tower, a bailiwick that is classed as a historic monument. There are 23 of these monuments in the commune alone! The whole ensemble, which bears the hallmark of Vauban, is bathed in a unique atmosphere forged by water and old stones. Lovers of good food are sure not to miss the local specialities. Andouille tripe sausage, which is celebrated in September, appears on the menu of all the best charcuterie houses and of every fine eatery. Our friendly Greeter’s mouth starts to water just talking about it!

Secteur Région de Saint-Omer