Claudine et Jean Feinte – Falaises d’Equihen, Château d’Hardelot, Site des 2 Caps

Fishing or walking?

Claudine and Jean Feinte are real walkers. Retired now, they make the most of their free time by striking out every week across the entire region and even further afield. Members of a walking club that they themselves manage, this makes them the ideal guides to help visitors discover the Côte d’Opale and the Boulonnais back country on foot!

« I’ve lived in Wimereux for forty years » Jean tells us. « At the time, we’d play in the block houses, on the cliffs… The DCA (Defence Against Aircraft) mountings would spin and we’d use them as merry-go-rounds. » Things may have changed nowadays but that doesn’t stop Jean from enjoying the Deux Caps trail, undoubtedly one of his favourites and one that comes alive with countless memories. True, its twenty kilometres long, but the scenery that stretches out before the rambler’s eyes is well worth the effort.

« Otherwise, we can head out from our house to Ecault and there’s a lovely walk up to the Château d’Hardelot » adds Claudine. It’s a ten kilometre round trip on this walk that combines woodland and beaches. Of course, city slickers are welcome to set out to explore Boulogne-sur-Mer: its ramparts, its château-museum, its city centre or its port. Jean has worked there for thirty seven years now. He knows this fishing port intimately and knows that behind every warehouse door there hides bustling activity and a fascinating story.

Even though Claudine and Jean are inseparable, they can offer you a very special programme: a spot of fishing with Jean for enthusiasts, whilst Claudine takes the rest of the gang for a stroll. Everyone then comes together to enjoy a picnic. A tempting proposition, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Secteur Boulonnais