Cyvard Mariette – Noeux-les-Mines

A different view of Noeux-les-Mines

« I found that the Greeters’ option really suited me », begins Cyvard Mariette. « It lets me do exactly what I like to do already with my friends: whenever I have guests we always head out for a little walk, just to get some fresh air. » And to learn a bit more about Noeux-les-Mines! 

This former schoolmaster and maths teacher is also an expert on local history. Naturally, when you’re the son of a miner and the grandson of a farmer, you never forget your roots. On the contrary, you cultivate them. « I’m not trying to do anything out of this world. I just want to show people all the things I really love about my town. »

Cyvard is quite a sleuth. He loves to do research on the Freemasons, the Carolingians that stopped off in Noeux-les-Mines, the old marshes, the rivers that have disappeared that once forged the town itself and the history of the mines too, of course. Cyvard can also point out the Merovingian cemetery that is hidden beneath the houses, the old farms, traces of the old mill…These provide a host of clues that, once assembled, slowly reveal the intimate story of the town.

Even the inhabitants of Noeux are surprised by some of Cyvard’s anecdotes that take them off the beaten tracks: he knows the little narrow streets and the dirt tracks that lead to people who are passionate about their craft; a collector, a gardener and so many other characters that make this town so lively and welcoming. 

« If I had to plan a full visit to Noeux, I’d need about fifteen one-hour sessions because there’s so much to say! If you have a genuine interest in people, streets, houses, there’s an endless array of things to discover. »

Secteur Artois