Colette Martel – Montreuil Sur Mer

A true networker
With her talent for networking, Colette Martel threw herself into the role of Greeter in order to pass on her tips and advice to anyone interested. “My role is to guide people who come to stay in the region through informal visits. I’m not that keen on history, but I know what there is to see, and often think of places that others might not think of”.

Owner of a gîte in Sorrus, this dynamic English teacher knows where to find the best restaurants, gardens, museums and artists in the region. She sends her art-loving guests to see the painter Jacques Dourlent or the sculptor Bruno Maillard. Food enthusiasts will be encouraged to visit the snail-breeding farm, Les Escargots du Bocage, in Airon Saint-Vaast, as well as cheese-makers, strawberry growers and the ostrich farm at Estrée.

Once a month Colette Martel tests a new restaurant with her friends. So if you want to know where to have a quiet lunch, eat mussels overlooking the sea or have a romantic candlelit dinner, all you have to do is ask Colette.

She speaks excellent English and is also very familiar with the works of Victor Hugo. Every year she takes part in the Les Misérables Sound and Light Show, a major event held in the Montreuillois region involving 450 volunteer actors. “I play the part of Madame Thénardier and I also look after the volunteers, making sure that any newcomers feel welcome and keeping an eye on any absences. I enjoy introducing people to each other.” She’s found herself a new role as a champion networker.

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